Bags For ZaZa!

Here’s me modeling one of the extremely cute bags! XoXo

Hey Everybody! I just wanted to keep u updated on what’s happening with “Bags For ZaZa!” Well, first of all, for all you guys who don’t know what “Bags For ZaZa” is, it all started with my family deciding to adopt a little girl from Colombia. We didn’t know her name yet, and not wanting to call her “The Little Girl” or anything, my Auntie Jennie came up with the name “ZaZa” to call her. And it just stuck.

So, the adoption process continued and wanting to help “Bring ZaZa home!” my Auntie Jennie started sewing bags made out of scraps, left over material, and donated material. The bags started off selling for $25 each but due to high demand, we have started auctioning them off instead. Highest Bidder wins! 😀

So, now every Monday morning the 5 new bags go up, and it goes “5 bags for 5 days!”

Check out:!!!

Have fun bidding & thanks to all of u who bought a bag and partnered with us, to help bring ZaZa home!!!!!!



  1. Aunty Jennie Said:

    I just discovered your blog. Nice modeling.

  2. lalanoname Said:

    haha thx! 🙂 hope u enjoy it! 😀

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