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My Mexico Missions Trip

Me & Ivan

Me & Ivan

Me & My little buddy, Ivan. (pronounced E-Baun in Spanish)

On July 14, 2008 at 5 Am I hoped in a van with many of my friends and we left for Mexico. I was completely unaware that my whole life would be forever changed.

The drive took about 8 hours of: fun, many bathroom breaks, tons of gas station stops and the highlight crossing the border. We arrived in La Mission, Mexico around 8:30 that night. We unloaded our stuff into the church, then we were shown to our dorms. Which were 2 big rooms above the Pastor’s house, one side: guys, the other: girls. The each dorm had 3 4-story bunk beds made of wood, with nothing but a piece of foam on every one.

Some people even had to sleep on the floor. But some how we all loved staying there. Every day we went to the Daycare (Open Arms) and played w/ the kids, ate lunch, and made little friends. The kids immediately loved us and were wanting to play 24/7! Awwww! It was the best feeling, making friends w/ a little kid who didn’t care if you spoke the same language as him. Or if you even knew his name.

After lunch everyday, we would go give fliers out to the whole little community, telling them about the event we were holding the next day! (Like we had a soccer clinic one day and a baseball clinic another day.) Then once we finished that, we were off to the construction site. With direction/help from the missionary/leader Daniel, we helped frame and put up drywall for the new dorms we will be staying in next year. Oh, and finish the roof! 🙂 I was given the job of measuring the wood, but one day when the “Cutting Guy” Chance, didn’t show up, I offered to take his place and work the skill saw! I might as well tell you, he didn’t get his job back. I liked workin’ a MAN tool too much!!! 😀 Working construction was my favorite outta the whole trip. I loved sweating, hammering, cutting and sawing, knowing that your work is going to help a community in need.

The kids at the baseball clinic.

The kids at the baseball clinic.

So, the week went by faster than any week had ever gone by in my life! When I first got there I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to last the week. But by the end, I wanted to move there! I learned to love that little town and it’s people! I realized that there isn’t a better feeling in the world, than knowing you are working as hard as you possibly can for someone else. (And ultimately God.) You’re working to further God’s kingdom and help His people in need.

That week, I can honestly say, was the best week of my life. To me now, nothing matters more than people. Helping people, feeding people and ministering the Gospel to God’s people.

Let me tell you, if you ever want to get your priorities straight; Go on a missions trip!!! Work hard, sweat a ton, and give of yourself to help others! You will never take anything for granted ever again. 🙂

Here are some of my pictures from the trip:

Hannah w/ some kid who was very talented!

Hannah w/ some kid who was very talented!

This was one of the unforgetable faces.

This was one of the unforgettable faces.

My Buddy and his friend.

My Buddy and his friend.

My total favorite picture from the trip!!!

My total favorite picture from the trip!!!

The end of the food line at the baseball clinic we held.

The end of the food line at the baseball clinic we held.

The Mexican Costco!

The Mexican Costco!

The cutest little girl ever!

The cutest little girl ever!

Getting/Serving food.

Getting/Serving food.

What a cutie!

What a cutie!

Amigos! These kids came and sat w/ me at (the nightly) soccer game.

Amigos! These kids came and sat w/ me at (the nightly) soccer game.

Open Arms Day Care

Open Arms Day Care

Eating lunch at the day care.

Eating lunch at the day care.

The Last afternoon to rest! 3 hours on the beach!

The Last afternoon to rest! 3 hours on the beach!

Thanks for letting me share my trip with you!


Aaron’s Verison of the Twist

Here’s the man who originated the twist!

As i have said before, I’m in drama and this year for our annual fundraiser everyone in all of MoezArt Productions is doing a dance to Rock around the Clock! (the 50’s song) We started learning the dance on Friday and in this 50’s dance, of course, is the twist! Well, no DUH! Ok, so I was standing in front of my friends Aaron and Hannah, while they did the twist behind me. As I’m “twisting” I turn around to see Aaron doing the absolute CRaZiEsT dance I have EVER seen in my whole LIFE! If you can, try to picture a kid who’s about 5’8” breakin out into this dance which u were NOT prepared for! He was shakin’ his hips and his arms were goin back-n-forth and back-n-forth. HA! I seriously thought I was going to pee myself! No joke! It looked like someone doing the twist on Crack! or sumthin! HEck, it was hilarious to say the least!!!

Anyways, hope that made your day! Idk if I’ve ever laughed SO hard at drama! 😀 Well, gotta go do some school. Biology, History and Art stuff…..ew. 😛 Wish me luck!

Remember, peanut butter is the only way to get gum outta your hair!

haha! (Also, check out for the new bags this week!)

School is back! :P

My Mom had to be Soooo cool and take a “back-to-school” picture! HA!

OKay, we all know school has started once again…*sigh*. Honestly, i just LOVE the summer! Why can’t it always just be summer!? Anyways, so I’m taking Biology, History of the World and I’m officially an intern for Moezart Productions! YaY! 😀 (a God glorifying theater program.) And starting in the Spring, I will be given the title “Choreographer.” Which is extremely exciting!

HeeHee! Oh, I’m sorry I haven’t done a post in a VERY long time. It’s due to all my school and drama stuff. I barely have time to breathe! So, pray for me.

I’m just ganna throw something out there for all you bloggers, I still haven’t figured out the point to blogging. Haha! Like does my life really interest you that much!? 🙂

Well, just keep reading and maybe you’ll learn something from my mistakes, struggles and just … ME! 😀

Before I leave, I would like to share a very awesome Blondie moment my dear friend Hannah had a while back! We were talking about the guy who put his cell # on and had people from ALL over the world call him. So, Hannah asked me if I had called this guy. My answer was, “No. It would have been long distance.” (the guy lived in Virginia i think.) She goes, “Why!? He lived in America!!!”

Have a great day! And try to remember: That heck is for people who don’t believe in gosh! xD

Happy Birthday Hannah Banana!

This is Hannah Joy Gilbraith! My “Gangsta” Friend, who never fails to make me laugh!!!

So, Today July SIXTH, 2008, as my post, I am going to share my favorite “Hannah Joy” memory, in honor of her birthday! ❤

So, i can’t remember when exactly this was, but one evening the Gilbraith’s were having a party and for w/e reason, Buffy, Hannah & I decided to sneak out. Our plan was to make a full circle of the house and so we exited the back door and the adventure began. 😀 To get past the side, kitchen window, we realized that we would have to get down on our knees and arm crawl across the grass. To us, the idea was a brilliant one!

In the pitch black back yard, Buffy, Hannah & I processed to crawl across the lawn. After we finished laughing and crossing the grass, Hannah looked down at her white board shorts and she gasped! “Guys! Look! I think I rolled in dog poop!” She had! Her white shorts had a HUGE dog poop spot on them!!!

Haha! Thanks Hannah for helping me create so many awesome memories! And Thx for still being my friend, even though I have an obnoxious laugh! lol ily Girl!

Happy Birthday! ❤

Bags For ZaZa!

Here’s me modeling one of the extremely cute bags! XoXo

Hey Everybody! I just wanted to keep u updated on what’s happening with “Bags For ZaZa!” Well, first of all, for all you guys who don’t know what “Bags For ZaZa” is, it all started with my family deciding to adopt a little girl from Colombia. We didn’t know her name yet, and not wanting to call her “The Little Girl” or anything, my Auntie Jennie came up with the name “ZaZa” to call her. And it just stuck.

So, the adoption process continued and wanting to help “Bring ZaZa home!” my Auntie Jennie started sewing bags made out of scraps, left over material, and donated material. The bags started off selling for $25 each but due to high demand, we have started auctioning them off instead. Highest Bidder wins! 😀

So, now every Monday morning the 5 new bags go up, and it goes “5 bags for 5 days!”

Check out:!!!

Have fun bidding & thanks to all of u who bought a bag and partnered with us, to help bring ZaZa home!!!!!!

“Good day, EH! And Welcome to The Great White North!”


Bob & Doug Mackenzie

“The Two Greatest Canadians Ever!” lol

Alright, why the heck are Bob and Doug McKenzie featured in Larisa’s blog today? or Who are these stupid guys anyways? You may be asking yourself one or more of theses ?s. Well, it just so happens that today, July FIRST, is Canada Day! Oh Canada! My home and native land! True patriot love, in all our sons command! With glowing hearts, We see thee rise. The true nor strong and free! From far and wide, Oh Canada! We stand on guard for thee!  Ok, ok, forgive me. My Canadian blood shows through now and then. =)

Since the topic today is Canada and Canadians, we are going to talk about “Bob & Doug McKenzie”! (haha, my mom wrote on her blog, a Canadian history lesson!) Nope, we are going to waste time taking about these 2 TV Show hosts!

* Ok, first of all “Bob & Doug” weren’t even their real names and they weren’t even real brothers! They started a very amusing TV show which featured them (as brothers who just sat around all day talking about beer & back bacon) and the show took THREE seasons before the show hit the BIG leagues. CBC (a Canadian broadcaster) picked them up and “Bob & Doug” became a sensation! These Hosers were famous before they even knew it!

* “Bob” was played by Rick Moranis & “Doug” was played by Dave Thomas.

* Their Canadian voices were featured on Disney’s Movie “Brother Bear”. (They played the moose, Rutt & Tuke!) 

See for yourself what great quality the show “The Great White North” was:

Hope you enjoyed that! haha! Major lolz!

Have a GREAT Canada Day! And take off you Hoser!

Hey Hey!

Check out our “Stunner Shades!” Oh Yeah!


Ok, so good news! I realized I still had a blog! Haha…so it’s been quite a few months since my last post..but what the heck right?! 😀

Lots of exciting stuff going on around here! 1st of all, I just got back from camp about a week ago and now I’m off to SC (that’s South Caolina for all u Westies)!!! Yup, in just a week, I’ll be landing in humid, FUN,  South Carolina!!! (with two of my best friends) YaY!

Alright, since this is kinda my first blog let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Larisa!

Here’s some quick facts about me:

*I’m 5′ 3”. (Yes, Buffy, I did grow!)

*I’m a Christian.

*I hate milk.

*My favorite color is HoT PiNk!

*I have two brothers & a sister (although she is in Colombia waiting to be adopted.)

*My favorite fruit: MaNgO

*I have an awful singing voice…So sorry American Idol, I won’t be on ur show!

*I totally LOVE dancing!

*Chinese food is my fav!

*My favorite actor is Johnny Depp.

*My favorite movie is Pirates 3.

*I have one friend who is a redneck but won’t addmit it. =) And I have another one who wants to be a vet!

*And lastly, I am SoOoOoOoO a thrill seeker! Rollercoasters, FreeFalls, and Sky Diving are right up my alley!


So, I have decided to start “Larisa Quotes.” A very cool way to learn about my thoughts on life!

Today’s “Larisa Quote”: “Eat some chocolate. You’ll feel better!”

Oh Hey! Also, if you want to help bring my sister, ZaZa home, go to:! Check it out!  😀


Hey ya’ll!

so…bloggin is new to me. let me start off by tellin a little bit about myself.

i’m a teenage girl who loves playing volleyball, eating mangos & strawberries, snuggling up with an old movie or book on a rainy day, playing guitar hero 3, messin around with my friends, trying weird new food and of course: watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!!!! oh wow…i love that show!!!!!! will, carlton and hilary are my favorite! 🙂