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School is back! :P

My Mom had to be Soooo cool and take a “back-to-school” picture! HA!

OKay, we all know school has started once again…*sigh*. Honestly, i just LOVE the summer! Why can’t it always just be summer!? Anyways, so I’m taking Biology, History of the World and I’m officially an intern for Moezart Productions! YaY! 😀 (a God glorifying theater program.) And starting in the Spring, I will be given the title “Choreographer.” Which is extremely exciting!

HeeHee! Oh, I’m sorry I haven’t done a post in a VERY long time. It’s due to all my school and drama stuff. I barely have time to breathe! So, pray for me.

I’m just ganna throw something out there for all you bloggers, I still haven’t figured out the point to blogging. Haha! Like does my life really interest you that much!? 🙂

Well, just keep reading and maybe you’ll learn something from my mistakes, struggles and just … ME! 😀

Before I leave, I would like to share a very awesome Blondie moment my dear friend Hannah had a while back! We were talking about the guy who put his cell # on and had people from ALL over the world call him. So, Hannah asked me if I had called this guy. My answer was, “No. It would have been long distance.” (the guy lived in Virginia i think.) She goes, “Why!? He lived in America!!!”

Have a great day! And try to remember: That heck is for people who don’t believe in gosh! xD


Hey Hey!

Check out our “Stunner Shades!” Oh Yeah!


Ok, so good news! I realized I still had a blog! Haha…so it’s been quite a few months since my last post..but what the heck right?! 😀

Lots of exciting stuff going on around here! 1st of all, I just got back from camp about a week ago and now I’m off to SC (that’s South Caolina for all u Westies)!!! Yup, in just a week, I’ll be landing in humid, FUN,  South Carolina!!! (with two of my best friends) YaY!

Alright, since this is kinda my first blog let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Larisa!

Here’s some quick facts about me:

*I’m 5′ 3”. (Yes, Buffy, I did grow!)

*I’m a Christian.

*I hate milk.

*My favorite color is HoT PiNk!

*I have two brothers & a sister (although she is in Colombia waiting to be adopted.)

*My favorite fruit: MaNgO

*I have an awful singing voice…So sorry American Idol, I won’t be on ur show!

*I totally LOVE dancing!

*Chinese food is my fav!

*My favorite actor is Johnny Depp.

*My favorite movie is Pirates 3.

*I have one friend who is a redneck but won’t addmit it. =) And I have another one who wants to be a vet!

*And lastly, I am SoOoOoOoO a thrill seeker! Rollercoasters, FreeFalls, and Sky Diving are right up my alley!


So, I have decided to start “Larisa Quotes.” A very cool way to learn about my thoughts on life!

Today’s “Larisa Quote”: “Eat some chocolate. You’ll feel better!”

Oh Hey! Also, if you want to help bring my sister, ZaZa home, go to:! Check it out!  😀