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Aaron’s Verison of the Twist

Here’s the man who originated the twist!

As i have said before, I’m in drama and this year for our annual fundraiser everyone in all of MoezArt Productions is doing a dance to Rock around the Clock! (the 50’s song) We started learning the dance on Friday and in this 50’s dance, of course, is the twist! Well, no DUH! Ok, so I was standing in front of my friends Aaron and Hannah, while they did the twist behind me. As I’m “twisting” I turn around to see Aaron doing the absolute CRaZiEsT dance I have EVER seen in my whole LIFE! If you can, try to picture a kid who’s about 5’8” breakin out into this dance which u were NOT prepared for! He was shakin’ his hips and his arms were goin back-n-forth and back-n-forth. HA! I seriously thought I was going to pee myself! No joke! It looked like someone doing the twist on Crack! or sumthin! HEck, it was hilarious to say the least!!!

Anyways, hope that made your day! Idk if I’ve ever laughed SO hard at drama! 😀 Well, gotta go do some school. Biology, History and Art stuff…..ew. 😛 Wish me luck!

Remember, peanut butter is the only way to get gum outta your hair!

haha! (Also, check out for the new bags this week!)


“Good day, EH! And Welcome to The Great White North!”


Bob & Doug Mackenzie

“The Two Greatest Canadians Ever!” lol

Alright, why the heck are Bob and Doug McKenzie featured in Larisa’s blog today? or Who are these stupid guys anyways? You may be asking yourself one or more of theses ?s. Well, it just so happens that today, July FIRST, is Canada Day! Oh Canada! My home and native land! True patriot love, in all our sons command! With glowing hearts, We see thee rise. The true nor strong and free! From far and wide, Oh Canada! We stand on guard for thee!  Ok, ok, forgive me. My Canadian blood shows through now and then. =)

Since the topic today is Canada and Canadians, we are going to talk about “Bob & Doug McKenzie”! (haha, my mom wrote on her blog, a Canadian history lesson!) Nope, we are going to waste time taking about these 2 TV Show hosts!

* Ok, first of all “Bob & Doug” weren’t even their real names and they weren’t even real brothers! They started a very amusing TV show which featured them (as brothers who just sat around all day talking about beer & back bacon) and the show took THREE seasons before the show hit the BIG leagues. CBC (a Canadian broadcaster) picked them up and “Bob & Doug” became a sensation! These Hosers were famous before they even knew it!

* “Bob” was played by Rick Moranis & “Doug” was played by Dave Thomas.

* Their Canadian voices were featured on Disney’s Movie “Brother Bear”. (They played the moose, Rutt & Tuke!) 

See for yourself what great quality the show “The Great White North” was:

Hope you enjoyed that! haha! Major lolz!

Have a GREAT Canada Day! And take off you Hoser!