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Happy Birthday Hannah Banana!

This is Hannah Joy Gilbraith! My “Gangsta” Friend, who never fails to make me laugh!!!

So, Today July SIXTH, 2008, as my post, I am going to share my favorite “Hannah Joy” memory, in honor of her birthday! ❤

So, i can’t remember when exactly this was, but one evening the Gilbraith’s were having a party and for w/e reason, Buffy, Hannah & I decided to sneak out. Our plan was to make a full circle of the house and so we exited the back door and the adventure began. 😀 To get past the side, kitchen window, we realized that we would have to get down on our knees and arm crawl across the grass. To us, the idea was a brilliant one!

In the pitch black back yard, Buffy, Hannah & I processed to crawl across the lawn. After we finished laughing and crossing the grass, Hannah looked down at her white board shorts and she gasped! “Guys! Look! I think I rolled in dog poop!” She had! Her white shorts had a HUGE dog poop spot on them!!!

Haha! Thanks Hannah for helping me create so many awesome memories! And Thx for still being my friend, even though I have an obnoxious laugh! lol ily Girl!

Happy Birthday! ❤