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School is back! :P

My Mom had to be Soooo cool and take a “back-to-school” picture! HA!

OKay, we all know school has started once again…*sigh*. Honestly, i just LOVE the summer! Why can’t it always just be summer!? Anyways, so I’m taking Biology, History of the World and I’m officially an intern for Moezart Productions! YaY! 😀 (a God glorifying theater program.) And starting in the Spring, I will be given the title “Choreographer.” Which is extremely exciting!

HeeHee! Oh, I’m sorry I haven’t done a post in a VERY long time. It’s due to all my school and drama stuff. I barely have time to breathe! So, pray for me.

I’m just ganna throw something out there for all you bloggers, I still haven’t figured out the point to blogging. Haha! Like does my life really interest you that much!? 🙂

Well, just keep reading and maybe you’ll learn something from my mistakes, struggles and just … ME! 😀

Before I leave, I would like to share a very awesome Blondie moment my dear friend Hannah had a while back! We were talking about the guy who put his cell # on and had people from ALL over the world call him. So, Hannah asked me if I had called this guy. My answer was, “No. It would have been long distance.” (the guy lived in Virginia i think.) She goes, “Why!? He lived in America!!!”

Have a great day! And try to remember: That heck is for people who don’t believe in gosh! xD